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Easter Around The World

  • Easter in Australia:

    Unlike other countries, is Australia Easter is celebrated in the autumn season. The agricultural show known as 'the Royal Easter Show' in Sydney attracts several tourists. It includes the best products of the country followed by parades, fireworks, shows and fun. The symbol of Easter in Australia is Bilby.


  • Easter in Brazil:

    The village of Fazenda each year performs a passion play. People enact the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Throughout the Easter week, people engage themselves in making crosses, banners and other holy symbols with palm leaves. People attend Sunday masses and participate in the colorful parades. On the Easter Sunday, they eat a special food called pacoca made of nuts. In the evening, crowd gathers to witness a grand carnival known as Hangover Ball to celebrate the hanging of Judas.


  • Easter in Canada:

    In Canada, a special carnival known as Winter Carnival is held in the Quebec City on Easter. The parade includes famous sporting events like skiing, skating, tobogganing etc. Since eggs are considered to a forbidden food during the Lent, people eat them on Easter in maple syrup.


  • Easter in Italy:

    In Italy, throughout the year, the church bells ring but it stops on the Thursday before Good Friday to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday, the bells are again rung to mark the Resurrection of Christ and people hug n kiss each other to celebrate the event.
    Children find Easter eggs and believe that the bells which had gone to Rome to meet the Pope and while returning home they brought these eggs for the kids.

    On Palm Sunday, the Italians use olive branches instead of traditional palm branches. Easter is known as La Pasqua in Italian. People return to their homes after attending the morning mass and enjoy the Easter Dinner. The dinner includes roasted baby lamb known as 'agnellino' which are eaten with a special salad made of boiled eggs. The table is decorated mainly with colored eggs which are blessed by the priest. It is believed that the Italians invented the chocolate Easter eggs and pretzels.


  • Easter in the USA:

    Mostly Easter in the USA is celebrated with church services and family get together. Many street parades are held on the Easter day in New York and other cities. Easter Egg Roll is a popular game among the children. In the United States, the famous Easter foods are baked ham, potatoes, vegetables and Hot Cross Buns.


  • Easter in the United Kingdom:

    In many parts of England a group of dancers, known as 'Morris Dancers' hold a special dance show to ward off the evil spirits of winter on the Easter Sunday.

    The oldest custom in Great Britain is pancake race held in Olney on Shrove Tuesday. The traditional Simnel Cake is served during the tea time and ham. Easter in Great Britain is observed with holy prayers and attending the church services.

    Another customs is lifting or heaving on Easter Monday and Tuesday. To wish good luck, people tap each other with pussy willow branches.